Participation with inline skates or other aids as well as with strollers (baby joggers) and dogs is not possible.

Future event dates are October 27, 2024 and October 26, 2025.

If the DRESDEN-MARATHON has to be canceled due to the pandemic, all participants who have already registered will receive a link and can choose to receive a refund (up to 100%), donate the registration fee (or part of the fee), or carry over the registration fee to the following year. If a cancellation is made within the last 42 days before the event due to a pandemic, force majeure or an official order, creative sportmarketing has the right to withhold 50% of the organization fees for expenses already incurred. In this case, the registrations cannot be carried over to the following year.


The confirmation will be sent approximately 1 week prior to the event to the email address provided when registering. Please submit a copy of this registration confirmation when picking up your race packet.

Yes. Friends or relatives can also pick up your race packet by presenting the original registration confirmation and a written authorization.

Late registrations are possible for all routes on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning. Late registrations will only be processed at the International Congress Center, Ostraufer 2, 01067 Dresden during the opening hours of the registration office/the expo.

Distance changes are possible for a processing fee of € 5 at the race packet pick-up help desk. If you switch to a longer route, the price difference plus a late registration fee must be paid.

Time is measured on all individual routes via a one-way transponder integrated in the personal bib number. The bib number must not be kinked, covered or altered. Finishers who cross the start line, finish line, and all the control mats laid out along the course will be evaluated according to net time (effective running time). There is no additional transponder fee. It is not necessary to return the transponder. In the marathon relay, each team starts with a reusable transponder that is attached to the ankle with Velcro. The transponder automatically serves as a "baton" and must be passed on to the next relay runner at the exchange points. The total net time of the relay team and the individual split times of the sections are recorded for teams that cross the start and finish line as well as all control mats laid out on the route. After the final relay runner finishes, the transponder must be returned!

The official event shirts can be purchased at the t-shirt booth at the race packet pick-up (while supplies last).

Public parking (including the underground garage at the Congress Center Dresden) can be used on Friday and Saturday. On race day, parking for cars and motor homes is available at parking lot P7 at the MESSE DRESDEN (approx. 300 m from the start). For overnight stays, other options available in the city will need to be used (e.g. Mockritz campsite).

Showers are located near the finish area. For exact locations, please see the runner information sheet included in your race packet or ask at the information help desk.

The official photo partner of the DRESDEN-MARATHON is the marathon-photos.com team. As soon as photos are posted online, each participant (or the team captain in the relay) will receive a link to the individual photos, which can be purchased for an additional fee.

Massages are offered in the underground car park of the Congress Center. Please note that after 12:30 p.m., massages are reserved exclusively for those finishing the marathon.

The use of Nordic poles is not permitted due to multiple safety hazards in the past to other participants. Given the large number of participants, it is not possible to ensure safety standards if equipment such as poles are used.

The rules of the Free State of Saxony for the time of the event apply. Current information here.

There is no limit on the number of participants for the individual routes in the Dresden Marathon, therefore none of the individual routes will "sell out" or stop accepting registrations at a certain time. The marathon relay is limited to 200 teams. The registration deadline for online registration and postal registration can be found in the event description. After the official registration deadline, you can still register online up to 3 days before the event or shortly before the start.

To change your registration before the deadline, please send an email to info@baer-service.de. Switching to a shorter route is free of charge but please note that there will be no refund for the difference in registration fees. If switching to a longer route, the difference to the current reistration scale for the desired route is due. Depending on the payment method, a payment link will be sent to you after the change or will be deducted from the bank account specified in the original registration.


If you have not received a registration confirmation, you can still pick up your race packet by presenting your identity card and your bank statement (a copy is sufficient) along with proof of payment of the organization fee.

All data changes such as address, birth year, or club name can be made for a processing fee of €5 when you pick up your race packet.

Name changes can be done free of charge for the same route or for shorter routes prior to the registration deadline. If the name change is for a longer route, the price difference valid at the time of the change must be paid. To initiate a change, please send an email to info@baer-service.de and you will receive a link to make changes. On the weekend of the event, name changes can be made for a processing fee of €5 at the help desk at race packet pick-up. Passing on a bib number to a third party without changing the registration leads to immediate disqualification.

The assigned starting block can be changed at the help desk when the bib number is issued, if it can be proven with certificates or official result lists that the time for classification in the desired starting block has been reached within the last 3 years. Please note that walkers can only start in the designated starting block "W".

Gross time is the elapsed time from the starting shot to the finish. Net time is the actual running time from crossing the start line to the finish line.

The traditional pasta party with LIVE MUSIC will take place on Saturday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the International Congress Center. You can meet with sports fans and exchange training and nutrition tips while enjoying the last carbo loading before the big run. You can purchase a voucher for a portion of pasta with sauce for a special price of 4.00 EUR * when registering. On-the-spot and late registrants can purchase vouchers at the box office at the race packet pick-up (while supplies last).

Hand in your own food on Saturday or by 8 a.m. on Sunday at the information desk. Self-catering must be clearly labeled (km of the refreshment point, bib number). Information on the planned locations (km) for self-catering can be found on the runner information sheet in your race packet. No glass containers may be used!

A change of clothing can be handed in on Sunday in the underground car park from 8 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. and can be picked up until 5 p.m. at the latest. There are special recommendations for arranging a change of clothing for the marathon relay (see relay runner information).

Yes, you can have your individual medal engraved in the finish area with your name and finish time (relays with the relay name, all four first names, and finish time). You can pre-book this extra service when registering and an "M" will be printed on your bib number. Please show the bib number at the medal engraving. If you do not pre-book this service, you can also pay in cash (at a higher cost) on site.

Cancellation is not possible after registration, as per the terms and conditions of participation. In the event of a no-show (even in the event of illness), there is no entitlement to reimbursement of the registration fee (consisting of the organizational fee plus fees for any additional booked services) or for the issuing a voucher for a subsequent event (see terms and conditions).

We are unable to ensure compliance with the competition rules of a walking competition. However, we will continue to give participants the opportunity to complete the route by walking. Walkers are expected to participate fairly and to register according to their planned speed at the start. The “W” on the bib number stands for the start block “W”.

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