Yesterday’s board meeting of the marathon club dealt in detail with the handling of the corona pandemic and the impact discussed at this year’s DRESDEN-MARATHON.

Of course, we as organizers have experienced a constant ups and downs of feelings in the past few weeks. However, the easing that has currently come into force and a return to normality that can be seen in the beginning are making us optimistic. We very much hope that our 22nd DRESDEN MARATHON can take place on October 18, 2020 under the then current and achievable conditions and conditions.

As the organizing team, we have set August 17, 2020 as a deadline. We firmly expect to receive a clear statement from the responsible authorities by this date at the latest whether and how the DRESDEN-MARATHON can be started on October 18.

But: If you want to register now, your fee will be safe! Since nobody can currently foresee the development, we have decided that in the event of a cancellation for 2020, the starting position will automatically be transferred to the following year (10/17/2021). If this date does not suit you, a refund of the registration fee would be possible.

However, we hope that this decision does not have to come at all and that our DRESDEN-MARATHON will be the new beginning and highlight of the 2020 running year in Saxony. There are still five months left!

Good preparation for all of you and joyful, targeted training in the best of health.


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