Full enjoyment in half the distance. At the DRESDEN MARATHON, you’ll start with the marathon runners and relay teams. Get ready to experience a one-of-a-kind city tour! The route takes you through the pub-filled new town (one of Europe’s largest Gründerzeit-style quarters), over the Waldschlößchen bridge to the Grand Garden, and back to the historic city center filled with famous landmarks.

At the “Italian Village” you’ll bid farewell to the full marathon runners as they continue on to their second round. Numerous spectators will cheer you on as you approach the finish line at the MARITIM HOTEL.


Course records

Men: 01:02:27
Mengich, Richard Kiprop (KEN), 2012

Women: 1:12:47
Embedada Emebet (ETH), 2011


Finisher 2023: 3,138

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